1. WHAT WE DO - Gruppo 2G Spa, founded 30 years ago, stands as technical advisor in the automotive sector and has developed a more articulated business model over time.

    A first implementation was the offer to enterprises, of the services required to attain a conformity (compliance) opinion released by external certification Bodies, with regards to the so called voluntary regulation.  In brief, the world of ISO with regards to Quality, Environment, Safety, Energy: 9001, 14001, 45001, 50001 with updates and addition of those (ISO) specialized for sector and type of activities.

    The next step was to extend our assistance services to enterprises with regards to compliance with binding regulations, following the -more frequent- enactment of public laws (European and national: Directives, Regulations, Laws, Legislative Decrees, etc.) protecting specific categories of collective interests, such as: safety and healthiness of the work environment;  protection of the external environment affected by the corporate activities; optimal use of energy resources; compliance with conformity requirements of machinery and products destined for the European union. And, more recently:  the so called administrative criminal liability of enterprises (Legislative Decree 231); protection of own and third party’s IT assets (Data protection - Privacy); access to subsidized credit, grants and tax benefits (i.e. Industria 4.0).

    In conclusion, 2G offers an (integrated) compliance system for all (binding and voluntary) laws and looks after the implementation with periodical maintenance and adaptation activities.

  2. HOW WE DO IT – The state of increased legislative and regulatory complexity leads enterprises to require external experts to provide assistance based on the needs.  The advantages to use an “external trusted structure” are multiple: reduction of fixed costs, problem solving, constant availability (always over the phone and by email) of specialists with multi-disciplinary knowledge (that, if hired, they would be under-exploited and too expensive), guarantee of updated solutions in according to laws and state-of-the-art.  2G uses resources consisting of tested professional teams.  These are mainly engineers, whose distinctive feature is to be able to translate the compliance task of (voluntary and binding) laws, not only [i.] by preparing prescriptive corporate material (instructions, manuals, forms), but also by fully exploiting [ii.] an exhaustive personalized series of management procedures (operational set).

    Our offer follows a modular scheme. It starts [a.] from a diagnosis (check-up) activity, and then it [b.] defines an intervention plan (planning) and then [c.] a subsequent auditing and fine tuning activity. All these activities are integrated to one another when  [d.] delegating the company following the outsourcing of the management of this type of these operating risks to 2G.

    Recently, 2G is called to perform a “due diligence” activity on the actual state of compliance with the binding laws of a company object of acquisition following extraordinary finance transactions.  In this case, 2G provides an actual expert report and submits, upon request, a plan (times and costs) of activities required to restore the “full compliance” of the company.

  3. OUR TARGET- 2G has built a relation network with clients overtime, active in various sectors: mechanical, mechatronics, medical devices, energy, chemical, food industry. These are mainly small and medium enterprises characterised by a proprietary structure and family governance, located in Northern Italy.

    Recently, themes of corporate compliance with (voluntary and binding) laws have become also pressing for other categories of subjects.

    The companies’ need for an integrated approach – and no longer focused on single aspects- with regards to the theme of “sustainability” is currently an essential evaluation element by consumers.

    Moreover, these are the same profiles that- in brief- qualify the so called  socially responsible investments; investments that became the target- sometimes exclusive- of some specific categories of institutional investors.   Hence, for companies that resort to capital markets (risk or financing), reaching said markets in full compliance with these aspects currently constitutes an actual advantage to obtain third party’s means more easily and at lower costs.

    As known, this topic (sustainability) requires the companies to be compliant with the so called ESG factors (Environmental, Social and  Governance).   An acronym consisting of three words that in turn, refer to three distinctive spheres of social awareness: the environment; the relations with workers and local communities; corporate governance practices.

    Recently, the same AIFI embodied ESG principles and elaborated the guidelines for associates, providing a series of good practices to implement when managing investment activities.

    Gruppo2G Spa monitors these aspects and assists companies that produce goods and services to attain full compliance.  2G provides the same services to those investors (Investment Bank, Private Equity, Private Lending, Venture  Capital, Sgr) that, also in view of financial investment- therefore aiming at development for a subsequent sale- acquire a company (or  shareholding).  

    In the initial evaluation phase of the investment and, if required, for the entire holding period, 2G assists investors focused on  exploiting the investment (growth of volumes, turnover, obtainment of the necessary financial means), relieving them from monitoring these types of operational  risks.

    These are aspects, that, if not properly monitored - think for example about risks     related to work accidents, emission of waste in the       reference environment, waste disposal- can also lead to the suspension of the corporate activities, anyhow prejudicing, sometimes irreversibly,the economic value.     


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